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Motherboard from SCPH-1001 consoles.

PU-8 exist in two revisions :

  • older version, slighty modified PU-7.



  • newer version


Difference between older PU-8 and newer revision

  • On older PU-8 GPU is implemented as two IC's (same as on PU-7) :
  * 160pin IC203 CXD1815Q
  * 64pin IC207 CXD2923AR
  • On newer version, GPU become single 208-pin package, which is commonly seen on later boards.
  • Boot ROM in 40-pin package (same as on PU-7)
  • Different SPU package numbers (CXD2922BQ on older same as on PU-7, CXD2925Q on newer)
  • VRAM is divided on 2 chips on older version, same as on PU-7
  • 80pin SUB-CPU with MC68HC05L16 core (newer version has 52pin package with G6 revision of 68HC05), same as on PU-7
  • Older PU-8 use BQ-revision of CPU (same as PU-7), newer PU-8 use CQ-revision.

Difference between PU-7 and early PU-8

  • PU-7 using 100pin package CD DSP (CXD2516Q), PU-8 use 80pin package (CXD2510Q)
  • PU-7 using older version of CD-controller (CXD1199BQ), PU-8 use CXD1815Q